Pain Management Compounding can relieve your chronic painEveryone experiences some sort of pain in their lives. In fact, pain is the most common symptom for which individuals seek medical attention. Pain can take the form of a stress-induced headache, a strained muscle from sports/physical activities or be the result of an injury. For some patients, pain can be chronic in nature and something they live with everyday. Pain can be debilitating, preventing many from being productive, enjoying recreation, or taking pleasure in their usual roles in the family and community.

It can often be difficult to pin point the cause of pain, which also makes it challenging to treat. Successful treatment of pain often centers around controlling and relieving symptoms through commercially available prescription medications. However, these can also bring undesirable and unwanted side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness and stomach discomfort. Pain management compounding can provide an alternative.

As a pain management compounding pharmacy, we can custom tailor a variety of pain medications that meet specific patient needs, in a more compliant dosage form that not only targets the specific type of pain the patient is experiencing, but also at the site of the pain and in varying strengths to help control and relieve symptoms of pain.

In most cases these medications are applied topically or transdermally (through the skin) at the site of the pain, delivering just the right amount of the active drug,  while minimizing the systemic side effects associated with conventional methods such as oral administration. In addition, transdermally applied medications can be applied at much higher doses than traditional oral administration resulting in potentially higher concentrations of the drug at the site of action. Other routes of administration of pain management compounding include:

  • Oral/Nasal sprays
  • Capsules or tablets triturates
  • Custom flavored troche that dissolves under the tongue
  • Suppositories

Struggling through chronic pain or the side effects of commercially available pain medications does not have to be an everyday occurrence. Whether you have persistent migraines, a sports injury, chronic pain from arthritis or fibromyalgia or complex neuropathic pain from an accident, pain management compounding can offer you personalized pain relief.

Don’t let chronic pain keep you from enjoying life. Call us today at (541) 389-3671 or talk to your health care provider about compounded pain medications as a treatment option for your pain symptoms.


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