shutterstock_229819246Caring for an individual in the final stages of terminal illness is difficult for all those involved; be it the clinician, caregiver or family member and especially the patient. Hospice care is designed to alleviate the emotional stress, pain and discomfort that accompany the dying process; making end-of-life more comfortable for the patient and their family. At the heart of hospice care is the belief that each individual has the right to die with dignity. This often requires providing comfort care through the use of specialty medications and dosage forms aimed at relieving and managing the symptoms that most hospice patients experience. These may include pain, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, bedsores and anxiety – all which may be best dealt with through hospice compounding pharmacy.

Each patient is unique and has specialized, individual needs. For this reason, not all medication regimens work for every patient. Working closely with physician and patient, our PCCA trained compounding pharmacists and technicians can custom tailor a regimen of care, which addresses the specific needs of each patient.

Many hospice patients have trouble taking medications in conventional forms or require a multitude of medications that may be more effective, when administered in a single dose. Whatever the situation, hospice compounding provides a more suitable method of administering medications in the right strength, dosage and form to make a patient’s last days as comfortable as possible.

Working in partnership with hospice, Cascade Custom Pharmacy can help bring dignity and personalization to end of life care by offering custom prepared compassion through compounding. For more information about hospice, please contact your local hospice organizations.


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