Important news!

There have been some changes at Cascade Custom Pharmacy recently. We've decided to retire! (Yay!) We've loved serving Bend for many years, and are looking forward to the next stage in our life as snowbirds!

Our pharmacy is now closed, but to ensure you continue to get excellent care for all your custom compounding needs, we've asked Lloyd Center Compounding Pharmacy in Portland to fill your compounded medications from now on. They are a great pharmacy that I highly recommend. They already work with many Bend doctors and patients, and they can mail your prescription to you. When you are ready for your refill, you can still call it in to Cascade's phone number (541-389-3671), it will take you to Lloyd who already has all your prescription information. This should be an easy and seamless process for you!

I care about all my patients, and I've tried very hard to make this an easy and painless transition for you. Lloyd Center Compounding Pharmacy is a family owned pharmacy who care about quality and I'm confident they will take really great care of you.

We'll miss everyone, and wish you all the best!


Question: Can I pick up my prescription at your Bend location? Not anymore, sorry! We have closed and now you will get your prescription through Lloyd Center Compounding Pharmacy, a family owned pharmacy in Portland. Just like we used to do, they will be able to mail you your prescription. Shipping time from Portland to Bend is usually about the same as the shipping time from Bend to Bend: 2 days.


Question: Is there anything I need to do? Nope! All your compounded prescription information has been moved to Lloyd automatically. You can reach them from Cascade's phone number (541-389-3671).


Question: Will Lloyd Center Compounding Pharmacy mail my prescription to me? They will! In fact, they tend to have pretty fast shipping times because they drop off all USPS deliveries directly to the USPS hub for all of Oregon. Shipping time from Portland to Bend is usually about the same as the shipping time from Bend to Bend: 2 days.


Question: How should I order my prescription refills? Just keep calling Cascade's phone number at (541) 389-3671, it will go straight to the Lloyd staff who will take great care of you.


Question: What about my traditional, non-compounded medications? All traditional, non-compounded medications have been transferred to the Albertsons on Hwy 97. They will be happy to fill your refills from now on. You can reach them at (541) 382-1444. Their address is 6115 S Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97702.

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